Sony 85 1.8

As a photographer, getting the right gear is very important and not always easy. I have literally tried many different lenses to see which ones I like best. After doing tons of research, I decided to purchase the Sony 85 1.8 vs. the Sony 85 1.4 GM. Yes, the 85 1.8 might be a little slower, but the over-all performance competes very well next to the 85 1.4 and not to mention, MUCH cheaper. I am a satisfied customer.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 4.55.32 PM.jpg

Photography event: Kiana's first birthday

I had the opportunity to shoot Kian’s first birthday. It was a beautiful party filled with many people. I was able to capture some special moments such as, face painting, kids playing, Kiana with her family, and so much more. For this shoot I used my Sony A73, Sony 50 1.4, and Sony 25mm. I edited the photos in Lightroom. (Click HERE to see all pics.)

A Very Special Moment

This picture really chokes me up. Being a father means so much to me. What a moment!! (Photo Credit: Andrew Hoang)


Sony 35mm 1.8 (First Impressions and Real Footage)

I got my hands on the new Sony 35mm 1.8 (Thanks to my friends at OC Camera.) In this video, I go over some items that I feel are important for a photographer and videographer. This is not a "scientific" test, but I do my best to give you a decent overview.