About Me .

My name is Eric Falcinella, and I am a pastor who creates content as a part of my ministry role. I use this website as a way to provide tools and resources to help people express themselves online with confidence. I come across people all the time that have a dream in their heart, but do not know how to express that dream. For the last 10 years, I have been learning about podcasting, video, photography, blogging, and marketing. I have a strong passion, to share all the information I have gained through trial and error.

Let me say this now: I am not a professional in any of these areas, but I have learned enough to use these communication methods to get my story out to the world. I can help you too. It is time for you to move past the barriers that are preventing you from sharing your passion and let me help you. 

If you need any help with podcasting, video, photography, writing a personal strategy, and/or marketing, contact me here